The Flow Of God’s Power, Is It For You?

Here is some food for thought. Have you ever wondered why God’s power seem to be more visible in the lives of people you may know or have met? Have you ever wondered what makes your Pastor so different? For some people blessing after blessing after blessing keep flowing in the lives others, but your life is dull from a God’s power point of view. I have had this same question and I finally realized the common trait among people with the flow of God in their life.

The answer is clear. You must be willing to be used by God. Imagine asking God for he power to heal, but once you receive the gift, you stay home and watch the football game. You have the gift, but you really don’t like people. You have the gift, but you would only use it for family and close friends. You have the gift, but you try to use it without seeking God’s will first. In order to have God move you must first come to grips with His purpose. God’s power is given to those who understand His goal of saving souls. That’s it. Nothing more and nothing less. Yes, it is great to bless people with your gifts, but their main objective is to win and save souls. Yes, an anointed voice is very entertaining, but what good is entertainment if the people’s souls are lost?

If you want the move of God in your life, you have to start serving others. Join God in His goal of bringing more souls to Him. Whatever area you want to be blessed in, you must give of it. The flow of God means His power moves through you and to the next person. Stop holding on and release the Blessings to others. This is not a game about you, but about sharing God’s love with a hurting world. Love others and follow your passions. God has given you a heart for something. Single mothers, orphans, animals, or even changing the course of your family.

Think about others and God will in return think about you.

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Good News for Marriages and Couples

Matthew 18:19-20“I also tell you this: If two of you agree here on earth concerning anything you ask, my Father in heaven will do it for you. 20For where two or three gather together as my followers,h I am there among them.”  (NLT)

Have you ever thought about this?  The following verses speaks of two or more coming together in the Name of Jesus.  Have you every stop to apply this to your Marriage or Relationship?  God is so good, that not only did he give us a sure-fire way of partaking in His Blessings, but He also helped us by providing a system of two or more. 

It can sometimes be so hard to find someone who is in one accord with you, but God created an easy way to connect to someone in prayer.  You see, the good thing about Marriage is this:  Mostly likely whatever you are going through, your mate is going through it with you.  Who else would want to see God show up and show out?  Easy, the person in the fire with you.  Couples it is time to stop fighting and come together as one.  Stop judging your mate because they are different from you, and see why they are different, and why did God bring that person into your life.  Combine each other’s strong points and become one.  The strong points are not supposed to be the same.  If they were, you would not need each other.  One in goals, one in vision, and one in Prayer.

If you find yourself praying and your answers from God are being delayed, see where the mind and heart of your mate is.  One in mind and heart= the flow of God’s Blessings.  Divided in mind and heart= block the flow of God’s Blessings.  It is that simple my friends. 

Be Blessed, Be Happy, and Have Faith!


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Trials and Testings

Not too long ago, I felt the Lord teaching me a new view of Trials and Testings. I was so happy to receive this new information, I made a posting on my Facebook page. The post was speaking of the following:

Trials: Issues in your life that you have absolutely no control over. It could be a job layoff, sickness, or even losing a love one. The actions in your life had nothing too do with the current issue in your life. You did not cause it, nor can you do anything about it. This is a trial. Trials in the court of law are no different. You are sitting in a courtroom and there is nothing you can do about it. You can run from court or run out of court. However the law will still remain and no closure will be found until you run the full trial process.

How do you run the full process you say? It is simple. Tell the truth and nothing but the truth. This works in the court of law and life. However, in life, that truth must be the word of God. All trials in life are defeated by God’s word. Do not focus on the words of a person. It doesn’t matter what their position in life may be. Do not! I repeat, Do not, make the doctor’s word, teacher’s word, friend’s word, co-worker’s word, or even the pastor’s word the last thought you have on an issue. You must seek the Words and Promises of God. His truth is the only truth you speak in the trials or life. If you don’t know the words required for your issue, seek it. The Bible is your defense and most important, Jesus is your Attorney.

Test: Issues you can control. Issues you are causing. There are issues in your life that occur over and over and over again. Why is this? It is because God is a great teacher. There are moments in a believer’s life that cause us to drop to our knees and ask for His help. The way He most often help us is where most of us miss the mark.

There is a quote that go something like this: Give a hungry man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a hungry man how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. I do not know the origin of this quote, but this is what God’s aim is. You have an issue, you ask God for help, and He teaches you by way of His word and other believers. Now like any good teacher, He will give you a test. Like any test, it is simple. You supply the right answers and you pass. You supply the wrong answers and you fail. The benefit of God is this: No matter how many times you fail, He is kind enough to test you over and over and over again. We feel like we are fed up with same problems, but it is up to us to supply the correct answers.

Here is a great tip: The test we take in school are passed or failed based on our study habits and ability to learn. Here is the good news with God. He will not test you again until He is sure you already know the answer. The test with God is not knowing the answer, but your willingness to apply it. Here are the levels of knowledge: Memorize= this is a great first step, but we run the risk of forgetting. Learn= this is the level in which we know and know why we do something. It is very hard to forget something you have truly learned. Apply= this is the level your teachers, employers, and most importantly God wants you to be. You must know how to apply your knowledge. A computer company does not hire you because you can speak of programming, but because you can program. You can apply your knowledge. The sooner you pass God’s test, the sooner you will move on. Apply what you already know to do. I promise you, God has already supplied the answers. Are you willing to apply them?

Be Blessed, Be Happy, and Have Faith!

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Just Saying Hello!

Just want to take a moment to say hello to those who may stumble upon this blog. I will try on a very regular basis to share words of motivation and inspiration. God is so good to us all, and I strive to be one of His children who is not afraid to say so. With that being said, join me weekly as we relax in the Word of God. Be Blessed!


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